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Shake List

100% Crushed Fruit

Strawberry Classic
Sun-drenched Strawberries, Strawberries and more Strawberries blended with ripe Banana and Vanilla Whey Protein.
Berries A'more
Antioxidant-rich Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries complemented with Potassium-rich Banana and Vanilla Whey Protein.
Mango Tango
Big juicy Mangoes crushed and blended in harmony with ripe Banana, Strawberries, a hint of Hawaiian Pineapple and Vanilla Whey Protein.
Peaches'n Cream Dream
Tree ripened Georgia Peaches, golden Apricots and luscious Pears blended together with low-fat Vanilla Cream and Vanilla Whey Protein.

Speciality Shakes

Banana Nut Blast
One Big Banana blended with natural Nutty Peanut Butter, Skim Milk and 40g of Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate.
Java Jolt
Want more than just a cup of Java? Dark roast Colombian Coffee complemented with just a hint of Chocolate and Vanilla Protein.
Peanut Butter Cup
Rich Ghirardelli Chocolate and Natural Nutty Peanut Butter blended with 40g of Chocolate Whey Protein and Organic Chocolate Soy Milk.
Chocolate Thinny Mint
Organic Chocolate Soy Milk blended with rich Ghirardelli Chocolate a touch of Pure Mint Extract, 30g Chocolate Protein, and our Burn Fat Burn Formula.


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shake of the month

We now offer the most healthy snacks found
anywhere in the world! They are as important
as your workout. In fact, if you miss your
“Recovery Shake” you may as well have stayed in bed.
Our shakes are designed for:
Muscle Building
Meal Replacement
Healthy Snack
Post Workout
Fat Loss
Revving your Metabolism

We are now using only sun ripened crushed
fruit with no added sugars. Sun ripe means that good ol’ Mom Nature had the chance to put into every morsel all the vitamins and minerals that the sun, soil and rain have to offer. Only when the fruit is ripest do we blend it.

Since we use primarily the skins, seeds and pulp of fruits, our shakes are lower in calories but higher in nutrients. Each shake is like eating three servings of fruit! And because fruit is naturally sweet there is no reason to add additional sugars; nobody else can make
that claim.

Kettle Valley Fitness
We have for your convenience, protein shakes made with Performance Food Center’s protein and fruit purées. Protein shakes are a wonderful addition to anyone’s workout and recovery. PFC is whole foods based company moto which follows up with monthly motivational education in nutrition to support your workout goals. We have pre-paid gift cards to load up so you can leave your wallet at home and still enjoy your recovery shake after a workout. What a combination!
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